Wired and wireless connection from 2 emonTxs to an emonBase?

I currently have a working emonTx (an Arduino shield without RF) that I plan to connect via serial to a RaspberryPi, all in my airing cupboard where my fuse box lives. But I need to read the total electricity use from the meter on the side of the house, so was hoping that I could build a second emonTx with RF and get the emonBase RF receiver board for the Pi.

Any reason why this won’t work before I starting ordering and soldering?!



Edit: Correction/clarification - the emonTx I have is the Arduino shield version. The second one I buy will probably be the same, but with the RF module.

I don’t see a problem there. I think that if your Base is running an up-to-date emonCMS with emonHub, it should just be a matter of setting up emonhub.conf with the correct parameters.

I’m also planning to connect an emonTx Arduino Shield (no RF) via serial to a existing Raspberry Pi running Emoncms 9.7.7 | 2016.10.29. My Grid Connect inverter and electrical sub boards are physically in the same location.

Before embarking on this could you point me to any existing guides on how to implement this in hardware and software.

Try http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/3872

Just to close this off, I ended up using Ethernet via a HomePlug on the side of the house to send this data through to the Pi. An Arduino Uno with Ethernet shield sent the data, by calling the EmonCMS Feed API via modified Arduino code. The Pi then happily merged this stream with the other stream coming in via a direct serial connection from a second Arduino. It’s been working well!