Windows installation User Login/Registration Undefined

I know this issue has already been answered many times, but none of the answers fixed mine.

After installing emoncms stable (that didn’t work so i’m now on 9.8.8) I can access the webpage login/register screen. I click register and it takes me to registration. I fill out the info and click submit and it just says Undefined. If I click anything else it loads me into the feed page with a blank account that has no information and never stops loading. If I log out of the non existent account it takes me back to the login page where i can no longer register and if I try to login it just creates another blank account. When I say blank account I mean it logs me in as no one, there’s no database entry for any user.

I’ve tried all of the suggestions i could find such as:
Making sure mod_rewrite is on
Adding RewriteBase /emoncms to the .htaccess file
adding Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
and AllowOverride All
and Require all granted
to the httpd.conf for apache

Nothing seems to work… anyone know how to fix this?

Are you really using Apache? Or maybe IIS? I know this behavior from IIS where you have to add the rewrite rules to the config to make emoncms work. I never had to edit anything on any WAMP/XAMPP distro and I use a lot of them on non productive systems.

Yea it’s apache. I’m using XAMPP.

So… I redownloaded and re-setup emoncms again and now it just works… no idea, not complaining.

Hello folks,

I appear to have the same issue with the undefined error - I followed this guide:

I’ve looked at possible other sources of this and I can see that the mod_rewrite needs loading, which I’ve done in the Apache config although I don’t know how to check if it indeed working.

To add, I’m reasonably familiar with a WAMP type set-up, although not WAMP specifically, it is running Apache 2.4.29, PHP 7.1.11 and mySQL 5.7.20. This is all on a clean install of Windows 7. I run a webserver elsewhere with an older combo but was thinking I could run emonCMS locally too once PHP was updated :slight_smile: I’ve used phpmyadmin to create the database and I can see that new tables have been created following the first connection attempt.

Any help appreciated!

Well adding AllowOverride All into the httpd.conf helped get past the registration page and I can see my user has been added into the table…BUT when I logout and then try to login again using the main button, I get the undefined error again. If however I click on login at the top right of the screen it seems to work!

Puzzling as to whether it is or isn’t fuctnioning correctly!

P.S. Checked for the mod_rewrite using phpinfo :wink:

I had this probelm a month or so back while trying the 64 bit verson of WAMP. I changed to the 32 bit version after hours of trying various things and it all then worked Ok.

Thanks, this is all 32-bit - I’d been running XP on a re-purposed laptop and the HDD started to go caput so I tentatively tried a home-brew SSD using an SD card to run W7 - runs perfectly so I thought I’d have a bash at running the CMS locally since ultimately I will migrate the other sites I’m running on to this new install. I thought trying it from ‘clean’ would help debug any weirdness!

Strangely, I now see a brief PHP error page before the screen refreshes to the glossy front end so it’s tricky to see what’s causing that :frowning: