Windows install directory format

I am trying to update my emoncms install to the latest and it now requires the use of the settings.ini file and when I put in my datadir it is not finding them.

It was this:


I tried this:

phpfina[datadir] = ‘C:\Users\RockDVR\emoncmsdata\phpfina’
phptimeseries[datadir] = ‘C:\Users\RockDVR\emoncmsdata\phptimeseries’


phpfina[datadir] = “C:\Users\RockDVR\emoncmsdata\phpfina\”
phptimeseries[datadir] = “C:\Users\RockDVR\emoncmsdata\phptimeseries\”

but that did not work.

Can anyone help?

Did you get any errors in the emoncms.log?

Very few folk use Windows as the host, so help might be very limited.


Try front slashes /

Also try escaping the backslashes ie double backslashes “\”, this used to come up quite often on the old forum, but as Brian says very few use windows now and tbh you may encounter other issues as emoncms is becoming more linux centric, certainly the admin page is heavily dependent on linux so at best you may be missing some functionality. Likewise for Redis dependency, although IIRC Redis capability is achievable on windows now, whether that’s an official Redis solution or not I can’t recall.

For many years the windows guide showed using double backslashes as shown in the excerpt in this old forum post

but 16mths ago that guide was edited due to the new settings.ini changes it might still be worth trying, I’ve noticed this practice in other applications over the years too.

So I read that if settings.ini was not found then it would use settings.php so I reverted to that one and it still worked so that is what I am doing for now, thanks!