WiFiAP mode emonSD-07Nov16 on RasberryPI: No graph


i’ve installed emonSD-07Nov16 on a rasberry PI3
evry thing is OK
i received input,
i 've make the feed.

but when i go to the graph
or when i try to visualize the data, it’s empty.

i’ve read that :
no data will be visible immediately. Wait a few hours to build up some data before trying to view a feed.

did you know when it appear ? something to do ?

i’ve try emoncms in a server on UwAmp on windows and the graph appear in a minute.

here some screenshot.
thanks a lot


my emonSD on a PI3 in Access point mode, the graph are not trace
my emonSD on a PI 3 in station mode, the graph are trace.

someone as this kind of bug ?
thanks a lot

here is the img link of my emonSD could be long it’s on frendh server
passwd and user no change

Please don’t link to files on external sites. Unlike others, we want you to attach your screenshots, log files, etc to your post. If the external site goes away, the material is likely to be lost forever. If that happens, when someone reads your post, your question and our answer will have little or no value. I have changed your account settings, so you should now be able to post more pictures.

The picture isn’t on external sites.
there is no one ressoucres on external sites .

That file is 3.8Gb, You have posted your whole sdcard image. You will not be able to post that file here on the forum, it is indeed too big. Why have you posted the whole sdcard image? Have you made changes to the stock emonSD image?

i’ve follow the tuto : WIFI Hotspot

my emonSD works well on my PI3
but in AP mode i don’t have any graph

but i found that in station mode, i have graph

i ve post for specialiste to test and find if there is a bug.
i don’t now if it’s the same for the other people. or if i ve made a bug in my conf.

I think this might be one for @glyn.hudson or @TrystanLea, I do not have any experience of how the AP mode works on the emonSD.

thanks pb66

Probleme solved by updtating emonPI in the web interface → administration …