Which firmware file for update

I have the emonEVSE charge station still on FW 4.1.0 which came with it.
I see that 4.1.6 is out Release V4.1.6 · OpenEVSE/ESP32_WiFi_V4.x · GitHub but no idea which bin file is for me.
Can someone pls assist

Can you toggle ‘advanced’ display tab to view the WiFi hardware type info on the main OpenEVSE tab:

Unless you have Ethernet option, you will almost certainly have OpenEVSE WiFi V1, so you should upload V4.1.6 openevse_wifi_v1.bin

That view is with advanced enabled and yes I do have the ethernet version but only using wifi for now.
Which of the files is it for the ethernet one?
@jeremypoulter any ideas?

You need to look at the hardware version on your board …
‘f’’ works with F & G


If you’re running older FW than V4.1.5 then OTA update is not supported on espgatewaygateway, you;'ll need to update via USB using esptool, see: ESP32_WiFi_V4.x/wired-ethernet.md at master · OpenEVSE/ESP32_WiFi_V4.x · GitHub

So basically no way to update it without taking the whole thing apart?

If you’re running older FW than V4.1.5 then Wifi OTA update is not supported on esp-gateway.

If you’re running V4.1.5 or newer you can OTA update over WiFi, but you need to know what hardware revision you have.

Ok so what is needed for the update, to connect the board to my computer, a usb to uart adapter or similar?

You’ll need to use esptool

If you prefer to send the unit back to us, we would be happy to update it for you for free, just cover the cost of postage. If you want to do this, please drop support an email: Contact

Yes I am familiar, been using esphome for some time, flashed many esp8266/32s.
I don’t recall if the module inside the emonevse has a micro usb port on it, been installed a while ago or just need to connecting using the wires/pins?