Which EmonSD release with a dated hardware?

My system is composed of:
Raspberry B, RFM12 adapter board 868Mhz, an external HDD, and a remote emonTx to monitor the solar generated electricity and house consumption.

This was in operation from 2013 to 2015, the last SD release was “2014-02-23 emoncms”
(boot_23Feb14.img and pi_hdd_stack_17jan14.img)

About mid 2015 stop to work. Only recently I had time to investigate, finding a defective Raspy.

Now I’ve purchased a new Raspberry P3, but the Emon System has evolved, and I’ve no detail about compatibility with dated hardware.

Considering that I have no interest to recover historical data, I would like to continue to use the external HDD and the RFM12 adapter, witch EmonSD release should I use?

There is only one emonSD image. That is designed for use on an SD card rather than a hdd but you can move the filesystem to a HDD which will give you more space and less chance of SD card failure. This guide might help