Which CT Sensor can be used to measure 110-160 amp


I have used the EmonPi to measure my home power consumption. It was fun working.
My friend has an Arc Welding machine. He requested me to monitor the Current And Voltage used by the welding machine. I have only idea that the machine pulls 110-160 Amps when the welding process is ONN.

Can I use the Current EmonPi hardware to measure the following.

If not then please help me figure out how can I do it.

Is ACS758ECB-200B Sensor useful in such case?


You certainly can use an emonPi for this application. If you look at the “Use in North America” page, there you will see many suitable current transformers. The easiest to use with the emonPi, and which requires no modification other than scaling the output (which you can do with a web browser), is the 200 A version of the YHDC SCT023R.

The Hall effect sensor would need major modifications to the input circuits of the emonPi, and you would need to break into the mains wiring with suitable terminations, and you must have a suitable enclosure for mechanical protection. So not a simple task.

Thank you Robert Wall for your help.

I am thinking of a new strategy where instead of using the EmonPi I want to make my own circuit for connecting the CT sensor specified by you to the arduino.
I will follow the following link CT sensors - Interfacing with an Arduino | Archived Forum

Can you specify any adjustments in circuit on openenergymonitor that is what capacitor, register range should I use.
Your response will be helpful for me as I have no knowledge of electronics.

The up-to-date version of that page is in the ‘Learn’ section.
An Arduino will only give you the readings at any instant. The emonPi would record the data, allowing you and your friend to review the use over time.

Is the current range you’re speaking of on the input side of your machine?
Or on the output side? i.e. the stinger and / or ground cables.