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What is the name of the mqtt topic?

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I want to use the values published from emonhub to manage an inverter.
I’ve connected to mqtt on the topics emonhub/rx/# and see the values published in a csv format:

The documentation suggests this is a legacy format, but I only bought the emonpi/emontx a couple of months ago, long after the documentation was written. I cannot find what version this documentation applies to, nor how to identify the emonhub version I have installed, nor a clearly documented path on how to update the versions, so I am no longer using a legacy installation. Can anyone help me with this please?

In case I am mistaken and am in fact on the right version, can anyone tell me where I can look for the topic names please? They must be in a config file somewhere, but I am unable to find them.
I can map some of the values visually and hard-code the topic names, but I am uncertain whether they will maintain their positioning within the csv, so this would be somewhat unreliable. There are also numbers in the payload that do not match anything I can see in the web interface for inputs or feeds, so do not understand where they are coming from, or how they relate. If anyone can help here as well it would be much appreciated.


Sound like I’m calling a customer servie dept lol… not what I intended at all… a couple of beers later and I’ve found the log location. Not too difficult to find. I can find the topic names there, but how are they mapped to the msg payload? And how do I find the version?

Found the version as well…

Ah, so it’s the topic that was wrong! Seems to be working now.


The emonhub topic is legacy and no longer used unless you have a GLCD IIRC.

You can change the topic Emoncms listens for in the settings.ini file, but by default it listens on the base topic emon.