What do you think about this idea of Monitoring Energy and Resources?


If you like to coment or critize the proyect I will be pleased

Hello and welcome aboard!

Although the premise is sound, the way I see it, you’re reinventing the wheel, so-to-speak.

There are several threads on the forum here that discuss using a plug-in type module to do
essentially the same thing your project does.

(search the forum for shelly)

Please post your pictures here. If for any reason, the link becomes invalid, your post loses
its value and becomes confusing.


Hi! glad to see some aswers to my idea, and thanks for the contact. (I see there are many similar ideas here)

Also I tried to put the picture, but because I´m new, I have no capability on posting images neither PDF´s, for now jaja.

I’ve bumped your user account up a notch. You should be able to post pics now. :wink:

That was fast.

Can I ask you something about my project?

About this type of idea (that there are many) what is the main problem in this products?
why is not implemented on society?

Thanks again

If, by that you mean why aren’t more people doing this or something like this?

I’d say one of the many reasons is the technical nature of the project itself.

From Linux and basic electrical engineering to soldering and software, it tends to scare many away.
e.g. they’ll say it’s “over their head” or “they’re out of their depth.”

Hi Marin,

No criticism, but this seems to be a solved problem.

I don’t have any but friends have the Kasa and say it works very well.

I use a couple of the Kasa smart plugs and they work fine. They are wifi and can be integrated into emoncms through Node-red and/or mqtt. I use a simple python script to log and graph consumption, which can also be used to control (on/off) if you want. Surprisingly they also can be used to measure reverse power flow - eg from a PV micro inverter - not just consumption.
The python code is available and simple to implement.

Looks like #bs to me - are you sure this isn’t just unpaid advertising?

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No I’m not… I’ve flagged it for a second opinion - along with the second post about the same thing.

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