What are the chances of Emon on Esp32?

I’m getting closer to the final build & install of my EmonCMS setup, and getting into some hiccups with the physical networking/wiring layout and installation around the load center + subpanel.

I have 2 ESP32’s on hand. If I can use these (instead of 2x Arduino Megas + 2x ethernet + ethernet switch) that would solve everything.

But, so far, I’m not finding anyone having experience using EmonLib on ESP32. There are a couple mentions of the idea on these forums, but nothing tried from what I can tell.

Oh look! GitHub - capella-ben/emon_esp32: Implementaion of emonlib for esp32

I’ll give this a test!

Hi Keith,

i also working on the Open Energy Monitor ESP32 integration. I dont use any library, just the good old code from Open Energy Monitor. I used the 3 ADC Pin’s for the SCT-013-030 current sensors. The only thing which cost me a lot of time is the calibration. I found out that the 3V3 regulator on my DOIT V1 ESP32 Board is not very accurate. This is why i am use a 1000uF Cap in the 5V Input. I dont measure the voltage and the phase shift. It’s not very accurate, but it seems OK for home use. You can take a look at my page here:


best regards - Foppel

Hi Foppel, keith
i tried all the code that you are tried without any output .
are you reached to any information for using esp32 with ct ?

ESP32 has poor ADC… appaling for this purpose. Its non-linearity is devastating all measurements.
ESP32 can work, but you need external “real” ADC. Currently testing some options…