Weekly/monthly summaries

I’d like to generate some summaries on a weekly/monthly basis. What’s the best way to do this? Thx.

If your data is cumulative kWh or similar, then you can add your feeds to a Graph, select the Type to be “Weekly” or “Monthly”, and then check the Delta option on each feed.



If you mean a summary on a Dashboard, then the kwhperiod widget is the one to use.

I’ve suggested before a mechanism to convert old data into summary data, so a process to convert a feed of 10s Temperature data into a feed of daily stats (choice of max/min/average/sum). You could do the same for a monthly/yearly feed. Each time offer the choice to trim (or leave) x time period off the source feed.

Really just needs a new PostProcess (and a way of automating Post Processes). @TrystanLea - any appetite?

Would certainly like to do this. Have a way of easily down sampling feeds. Doesn’t quite fit with having newer data at high res and older data at lower res, but would allow for down sampling data recorded at too high a resolution. It’s a big task and a lot of other things to get through before I can get on to this one but it’s certainly something Im interested in.

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Have a look at MRTG, the graphing tool for networking. It stores data in files in various different resolutions as it ages. I think it uses ‘rateup’ library behind the scenes.

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I was thinking of different feeds.

  • 10s Feed of external temp.
  • Process 10s feed into a daily feed (only processes latest data) and leave x months of 10s data.
  • Automatically run process at end of each day (local time).

Isn’t appropriate for all data, so my 10s tank temp data would be meaningless as a daily data feed. But to have an automated ‘trim’ feature would be amazing.

What I was wanting to do is generate monthly figures for my ASHP. One of these is the CoP … hence a calculation required.
Think I’ve managed to do this via generating a monthly feed ‘trigger’ from node-red , which then calculates the delta vs previous month and does the CoP calculation.

I’m going to bump this @TrystanLea

Really would like a simple method of getting summary data and getting rid of some high res historical data.

I don’t need 10s data from 3 years ago, but would love to know what Max/Min/Ave/Day ave/Night Ave and monthly data was :slight_smile:

I think processing this into new feeds (or writing to CSV) is the way forward with an option to delete.

A daily process that updated for yesterday/last week/ last 7 days/ last month etc would be a great addition.

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I’v sugested this same thing about 10years ago.
Easiest way would be to implement new ‘automated agregation feeds’ engine (similar to virtual feeds) associated with each ‘real’ feed that return aggregated data on the fly the first time its requested and cache it for later queries.
Eg.: yearly, monthly, daily, hourly → avg, min, max, sum

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