Web Site Issue - Openenergymonitor.org Home Page

I’m trying to learn about the Heat Pump monitoring so I could potentially monitor the energy use of my pool, but I get an access denied error from the home page of openenergymonitor.org.
Could someone please take a look?

Hi David, it is working fine for me and I have tried it on a mobile device as well.

It’s the https://heatpumpmonitor.org link from the home page that’s not working, or rather it’s the https://heatpumpmonitor.org site that is at fault, since it doesn’t work from the guide menu either.

One for @TrystanLea to look into.

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Ah, I misunderstood.

I’m seeing a 403 error - forbidden, not 404.

There’s a little bit in google’s cache, and the github site is still there at GitHub - openenergymonitor/HeatpumpMonitor: Open-source Heatpump Monitor but pages seem to have disappeared from the shop as well as https://heatpumpmonitor.org

I understand the missing pages are a mirror of GitHub.
Does @Gwil know any more?

Odd that an issue was opened 3 months ago for the same problem that hasn’t had a response.


Unfortunately not, I’ve asked Glyn and Trystan about it

This is now fixed:

It was a file permissions error caused by an automated git deploy.