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Web emonCMS stuck this morning?

From 07:39 my emoncms display on the web has been stuck flatlining at the same readings; is it me or has anyone else noticed this? I’m not at home to be able to log in locally.

Hello @scanfer everything looks fine on this end in terms of activity on other accounts on What hardware do you have?

Thanks, I have an EmonPi, usually faultless and probably just needs a reboot when I get home!

My EVSE dropped its connection, a reset it connected :slight_smile:


A reboot fixed it, no data stored locally since this morning unfortunately.

did the same today, is there a problem?


Hello @JJC I cant see anything from this end, number of active feeds on the server do not indicate any out of the usual drops in activity, server load etc all looking fine here…

@TrystanLea Thanks, looks to have been OK since last night all still working :slight_smile: