Web access lost

I cannot access the web interface, it appears to be down, but I can log in via ssh. Attached you’ll find screenshots with the outputs from df -h and top.
How can I get it back



Hello @gordaansiosa

Do you get anything when you try the web interface or just endless loading?

You could check that the apache2 web server is running:

sudo systemctl status apache2

Might be worth trying to access the emonpi via it’s ip address rather than the host name too…

I have the same problem, APACHE server won’t start…



Hello @Rob_Strange it’s probably a corrupted SD card unfortunately, is this an emonPi/emonBase? how old is the unit/SD card?

Hi, yes I also think so. I am reflashing for the nth time…I guess this saving data over the SD card is too stressful for the cards and they get corrupted way too often (the SD card is not even an year old).
Wouldn’t it be possible to use a network drive instead to lighten the load on the card? I think that would make sense and would make data backup a lot easier…


Hello Rob, if you bought the hardware from our shop and it’s less than a year old, we can replace that SD card for you under warranty. Towards the end of last year we also switched completely over to industrial grade SD cards for better longevity so hopefully that will help as well.

Hi Trystan,

that would be great: I believe I ordered the emonPI on February 2021 (your order confirmation email was sent on the 11/02/2021- order no.25195 and then a new SD card was sent on September) so I guess it would be still under warranty. Hopefully with these new SDs we get a little more longevity.
Let me know if you need further details.


Thanks @Rob_Strange was the new SD card that your received in September white on one side? Looks like this: emonSD Industrial - Pre-loaded SD card - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor

HI, nope, it was black on both sides…