We are looking for a Software Engineer

We are looking for a self motivated software developer with knowledge in Emoncms, embedded Linux and eventually other Cloud/Server based software such as Grafana.org with enthusiasm to be part of an Industry 4.0 project and to bring our Software further to full fill the customer needs.

We are market leader in our specific segment in the metal processing industry of analytics and controlling of special lubricants.
Our technology focus on fully automatization, embedded technologies, GUI-design, Internet Technology, Cloud Services, Big Data and Analytics.

Ideally we are looking for someone with a high degree of self motivation, working in a small team of 3 Software Engineers. The candidate should bring some development experiance to work most likely independant and with experiance for good design tool and documentation practicies.

At the beginning the project would be part time of about 25% and according to the candidats strengths and motivation we can increase the level of work.

To apply
If you’re interested in this role and if you would learn moare about the opportunity we would love to hear from you. Please send an email to [email protected]. Tell us a bit about yourself, your experience and your interest in the field. Please provide any relevant example links to previous work that you have been involved in.

We look forward to hearing from you.