Wanting to integrate water use management, greywater, irrigation, rainwater etc

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I saw someone named Andrew who posted on the opening page that sounded interested in integrating the monitoring and controlling of greywater irrigation etc. into OpenEnergy… is there anyone else out there that is working on something like this? I have my ideas but I am very new to all of the microcontroller stuff, in fact I’m currently taking a series of classes regarding IOT from Coursera that includes Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The only thing I’m not new at is greywater, I’ve been designing and building systems in Los Angeles since 2010. Ok, that’s me reaching out… hope to hear from someone soon:)


I have a system being developed for irrigation using rain water. I found that none of the low cost soil moisture sensors worked reliably for long term use. I now measure rainfall and control the irrigation pumps accordingly. I use NodeRed for the calculation and controls. I found a white paper on the web that gives watering information for various crops. It all runs on Solar power as the location is off grid.

And of course it is monitored by an Emonbase system running on a Pi.

If you want any detailed in formation, let me know.


Hello Ian:) Yes I would love more info. Have you checked into the
AquaPlumb from www.vegetronix.com. There is also a company out of Riverside
CA that makes a solid moisture sensor that is relatively low cost… I’m
spacing the name right now but if you are interested I’ll give it better


Hi Ian, Allan,
I am likewise interested in Emon compatible soil moisture sensor. It looks like we are discussing the VH400 from vegetronix & the Watermark 200SS from irrometer?
Seems like the VH400 will be easier to use (just slide into the ground). The Watermark is a bit more work - needs to be assembled to a PVC “probe” - but can be used at varying soil depths.

Hello Sandy and Ian:)

So yes, it was the irrometer I was referring to… And I mispoke, the
aquaplumb is a fluid measuring device:). Would you like to work together in
this endeavor? I¹m not only wanting moisture sensing, but also rain sensing
and greywater availability sensing etc.


Hi Allan,
What kind of grey water are you wanting to monitor? I am currently working on irrigation with secondary water - but that’s coming from a local stream via a series of small ditches. Monitoring this will just use a pulse output water meter.