Want to know emonlib_1CT code formation in CubeMx procedure for STM32F4 discovery board

Hi, I have used emonlib code in arduino and it gave me fantastic result.

I have question regarding Cubemx setting Procedure and want some code which have to write between user code begin and end for successful run in Stm32f4 discovery with UART option.

Welcome, @Shriom_Maurya

We are developing a unit based on the STM32 - if you search here for “STM32” you will find much good information that might help you, including some downloads.

Thanks for reply, i got information and download regarding Stm32f3 controller having opamp feature.

I have one question regarding emonlib_ 1CT for arduino. Can you give me advice or hint regarding data aquasition of each parameter like active power in simulink model as i am working in simulink model??


If you look at the source code for emonLib, you will see that it makes the measured and calculated values available as signed double precision floating point properties of the class. You can apply whatever format is required by Simulink.