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VRMS too high

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the reply.
Yes I read it, I understand about protecting the hardware (I design high performance high power radios day to day) so I understand the reasoning but purely wanted to say I’ve raised it as suggestion on the associated repo so the OP and any others could find it if they wish and are interested.

I’m more than happy to discuss the version numbers with “the powers that be” but unfortunately I do not know who they are, but really I’m more interested in the changes for me (and the OP) require more manual intervention than it might have done to continue making it work with everything I’ve bought while also keeping up to date. Backward compatibility issues can be frustration even when done for very valid reasons and sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to make that a bit easier to deal with some of the edge cases, and that’s all I was suggesting.

It does appear the docs have improved recently for the better (today I think it was updated) to clarify the change a bit more I see so the information is improving for the better.