VRMS is always *exactly* 230V

I have recently installed my EmonPi Solar PV system. I have 2 x CT, the 9VAC plug in thingy, and the temperature monitor.
The Vrms is always shown as 230V, and has been solid at that for many days now. I know for certain that my voltage is not that stable, so it must be giving false readings for some reason.
I have all the latest updates, but still no luck. Everything else (current & temp) seems to be reading fine.
Any reason why it would be stuck at 230V?

Welcome, Keith, to the OEM forum.

Yes, the reason will be that you probably connected/switched on the a.c. adapter after you’d powered up your emonPi. It thought there wasn’t a sensor connected, so it assumed there wasn’t one and guessed 230 V. You need to power down the emonPi (follow the procedure, don’t just pull the plug, and rebooting the Pi won’t help) and leaving the a.c. adapter connected and powered, power up again.

Actually, this is all in the FAQ - there’s a link at the top of every page.

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I did check the FAQ, as I thought it must be a common problem, but must have missed it, hence my post. Thanks for answering anyway.