Virtual feeds

I can see in the tutorial videos a button on the “Feeds” screen which is for creating virtual feeds. I cannot see this button on either my local emoncms (8.5 low write) running on a Pi, nor on Does the button have to be activated somewhere?

I want to sum and pre-process various ‘real’ feeds into a virtual feed.

How do I create a virtual feed?

I can’t reply for the pi version nor the .org version, as I only use my pi to send it to an online version of emoncms on mu server.
Online I have latest 9.5 version and virtual feed option is present

under Feeds down the page you have 2 buttons ‘refresh feed size’ and next to it ‘+ new virtual feed’

Not sure this was already present on older versions of emoncms

Thanks. It’s not there on the 8.5 version I am running and it’s not there on, either. I think I saw it there before I set up ‘real’ feeds, but it seems to have disappeared since.

Virtual feeds were introduced in v9 of emoncms, and are not available in v8.5.


Might be worth adding something to the tutorials stating the version they were created on.