Vaillant eBUS monitoring to EmonCMS

Is anyone on here monitoring their Vaillant boilers using eBUS? I’ve just built a read only eBUS interface using an Arduino and can see some stuff on the serial port. However with no software to read or understand what I am seeing, I have no way to move on to my next stage.

What I want to do is publish the flow, return and target flow temperatures as reported by the boiler. Flame status would be nice too, but not necessary for the moment.


I used some software called ebus connector and now using ebusd.
Can see lots of messages but neither software is able to decipher them.

ebusd is just to capture that, from there you need to decode the hex code
have you asked already on John’s site for more details ?
He’s helpful
I’m struggling with a weishaupt wrsol thing … but not as far as you, can’t grab the messages ‘yet’

when i was looking it appears that vaillant in the uk are fully proprietary. It doesn’t work with the advanced NEST features from wikipedia .

Vaillant boilers, for example, use mostly proprietary data packets on their eBUS interface"

Using ebusd and a read only arduino interface I am making progress. Now able to read boiler flow and return temperatures and pump status.
I have a VR33 device that is a bridge between Opentherm and the Vaillant boiler. There appears to be no prior experience of that module on the eBus.
But its the device that dynamically varies my flow temperature target based on heating demand, so am keen to decipher the messages.
Vaillant do use proprietary messages but most of it is now well know for most modules. So am definitely standing on the shoulder of giants here.

I had managed to get what I needed from my boiler using a self built arduino read only interface. I cannot query the boiler but I can listen to the eBus chatter and that is able to give me the flow, return, target flow and flame status. I’m using a software called ebusd as the method to grab the messages. But I’ve having to write my own mappings.


I have also built an Ebus monitor based on an ESP8266, i can see all the chatter but am struggling with decoding which packet means what, can you post the mappings for your to see if mine match up?


I am actually standing on the shoulder of giants. I used ebusd as my software that contains quite a lot of the mappings already. The only issue is that the way ebusd works is that it can only use message mappings for devices it detects on the ebus.

How did you go about building the hardware for this project? Was it simply using the serial ports on the Arduino? Any extra kit required here?


input is analog
output is digital for TX

Now, I am wondering if a write version could be built using a special shield.

@bruce_miranda, can you share some traces of your dump , does it tell more about the configuration to be used by ebusd?