V8.2.1 via APT install - can't find .conf files - want to post data to another instance

As the topic title says I have an instance of emoncms I installed on a RPi an eon ago and I wish to post data to another local instance of emoncms - the most recent version - but I can’t find emonhub.conf or any other .conf files associated with emoncms.

I have used terminal sudo find / -name emoncms.conf, sudo find / -name emonhub.conf, without any results and have searched manually as root in mc in all locations mentioned in the forums. Also I can’t find any .log files pertaining to this install

Also there is no ~/data directory or any reference to emoncms anywhere in the home directory.

Emoncms is definitely running as can be seen at http://chokoparty.info:8088/emoncms/garylovesbeer/RealtimePo

Any and all help will be much appreciated.