V4.5 jlcpcb C1,P1 parts problems

Just ordered 50 V4.5 PCB and has come back as C1 is too small for pad and need to select a new C1, placement and polarity of P1, has anyone come across this issue.

Hi Sir or madam,
Well got your order with many thanks.
Sorry to bother you, but there are 2 questions that we want to confirm with you about your SMT order before proceeding.

  1. Could you please check attached picture and confirm if placement and polarity of P1 is correct or not?
  2. As shown below, seems the packages of the parts ( C1) cannot match the corresponding pads on the PCB board. Here we have 2 suggestions for you. Please make a choice.
    A: Open the access of “replace parts” for you to change part on order history.
    B: Leave the mismatched part unpopulated and refund and cost of part.
    Your early reply will be highly appreciated, thank you so much!
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Good morning. I have the same problem.
Is here already a solution to the problem?

mine came in pretty and seems to work.
my only problem is to find the FW for the 4.5 Module!
if anybody in germany or Austria is willing to flash theese for me would be happy …

If you use the ESP Controller you can flash ist directly with the controller board…

I still have the old one with the WeMos d1