V1.1 iOS app coming soon

I’ve recently been working on a huge update to the iOS app for Emoncms. I’m pretty excited as it introduces the following:

  • iPhone X/XS screen size support.
  • MySolar app.
  • MySolarDivert app.
  • Multi-account support.
  • New feed list design.

And also quite a few bug fixes and minor tweaks.

You can take a look at the screenshots over here: GitHub - emoncms/emoncms-ios: iOS app for Emoncms

Or if you were on the TestFlight builds from a couple of years ago you should get access soon. If you’re not on TestFlight builds and want to be, then let me know and I can add you. Alternatively, just wait until it’s out in the App Store which will be in the coming week or so!

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Looking forward to it - thank you!

Apple approves the TestFlight build. So if you’re on the list - go get it! Especially I’m interested in if the settings from the original app migrate properly. I’ve tested it a lot but I’m really cautious about that. I significantly changed the data model so things can go wrong.

If you want to test out the app, then go here to sign up to the TestFlight builds:

I went on a bit of a rampage in the code last night and added a Today extension as well:

Version with that coming to TestFlight later today :-). Version in TestFlight now.

This is going to be super useful for me personally because I often want to quickly check on the temperature of the water in my tank. So I am able to swipe left on my home screen and instantly see it now.

Hi @mattjgalloway, many thanks for the major update and the amazing new features. I just tested the current beta version 1.1 (18). Dashboards and inputs are unfortunately not displayed, what could be the reason? I am using the current emoncms stable version, Dashboard is on master and input is on stable.

One thing I noticed: is it intentional that the API readkey is not shown when editing the account settings? This irritated me a bit, so I re-entered the key because I thought it had been deleted.

I really like the widget feature by the way!

For both of these they require an update to emoncms. The code for inputs is committed, the code for dashboards is waiting review. And then for both they’ll need to make it to stable branch. I will make sure that these things happen before we submit to the App Store. For now - you can update to use master, and for the dashboards, apply my PR.

Yes - it was. If you don’t enter anything then it saves without the key changing. I certainly could make that more obvious though :-). I shall do that.

Thanks for testing!! Anything you find - please let me know.

I’ve just pulled the change in so as long as you are running the latest versions of emoncms and the dashboard module (master branches), you should be good.

Awesome :-). Just saw the emails come in. Thanks for that!

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If you need the master branches, it might be worth holding off the app release until both get a new stable release.

Yep that’s right. That’s my plan.

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Suggestion: Can we get rid of the requirement for HTTPS? I can’t access my home emoncms server since it doesn’t have a SSL cert.

Unfortunately that’s not possible as Apple require using https. There is an exception I have in there for specific domains, currently “emonpi”, “.local” and “.home”. So if your emonpi is on one of those you can use http.