V 10.0.2 "406 Not Acceptable. Route not found"

admin → users → click on id
gives “406 Not Acceptable. Route not found”
what am i missing now ?
i am folowing a old instalation guide maybe ?

I can’t help you, but I can confirm my upgraded installation does the same…

{“success”:false,“message”:“406 Not Acceptable. Route not found”}

Seems it is a bug. I have raised an issue.


Yup my installation is the same way after upgrading.

If you stay on the stable branch it will not change until the next release. @glyn.hudson @TrystanLea any plans for a patch release before the major updates?

I’d just be happy with a manual patch, that would be overwritten with the next release.

You can switch to master branch. This is what was done on this thread. The process is exactly the same for you to pick up the latest dev version.

By update, do you mean an apt update? or an internal update script?

The link I provided goes to some instructions to switch branch in git for the EmonCMS code.

Further down the thread are some instructions on using SSH if you need them.

[edit] I just realised you may have meant the use of ‘update’ in that link. I have amended the comment to clarify I mean a full update from the EmonCMS admin page.