Using kWh_to_power over a longer timebase


I’ve recently installed an emonpi which is happily monitoring my electricity. I’ve also been looking at gas monitoring, and to that end have successfully added a pulse sensor, which is successfully logging accumulated kWh data.

I’ve been looking at using the kWh_to_power process, but I’ve hit on a stumbling block. It would appear that this runs every time a new value is pushed from emonhub to emoncms, that is every 5 seconds. As my pulses typically occur less frequently than every 5 seconds, the power reading swaps between the power embodied by a single pulse in 5 seconds, and 0.

Is there any way to get the kWh_to_power output averaged over a longer timebase? I know I can smooth things out in the graph module, but ideally I’d like to make a smoothed value available via mqtt to other tools.



This has to be one for @TrystanLea. I have recorded that too, with electricity pulses. Yellow is power from pulse rate, red & blue: power from the c.t’s (only roughly calibrated!):