Using Huzzah ESP instead of RADIO - Help Please

Hi …
I have an emonTx (set to Node 8) providing inputs by RADIO to my emonBase (emonpi/emoncms).
Going to (my emonBase), I can see the inputs all shown as Node emonTx3 with Keys - power1, vrms, pulse & rssi. This is the conventional setup.
Moving on - I have now successfully flashed a Huzzah ESP module, connected it to the emonTx and can see it at in my case.
I’ve done the First Setup for the ESP module – wifi connection, emoncms & admin. And when I go to emoncms Wifi config Connection info, I can see packets being received.
So far so good …

I now want that packet info being received by Wifi to be used instead of the info being received by RADIO (after I’ve disconnected the RADIO module).

How do I achieve this?
An example for CT1 which is the basis for power1 would be most helpful.


PS – It’s not all frustration & failure. I’ve learned how to do input processing to feeds. Also have set up another RPi and mounted the emonBase feeds folder using SSHFS over SSH. Now I can do data processing on this RPi without messing with emonBase eg: logic to turn on an ASHP to heat a pool when Solar PV is exporting.

I suppose just removing the antenna would do the trick or modify the sketch.