Using external dongle wifi with raspberry pi 3

moving toward raspberry pi 3 board with full metallic case isn’t a good idea for built-in wifi
to solve this problem i decided to use external wifi dongle
but the lcd keeps disply built-in wifi status

The Shop might be able to supply you with a replacement plastic end plate, if you bought the official emonPi from the OEM shop.

You will need to change wlan0 to wlan1 in various places in the emonPi LCD python script:

You will also need to do the same for the emoncms wifi module if you want to configure wifi via local emoncms:

And update /etc/sudoers to use wlan1

If you email shop support we can arrange a plastic acrylic end-plate for you :slight_smile:.

thank you

Mr.Glyn, I can not modify files listed above because I don’t have write privilege , can you tell me how to change file system read write permissions .
Thank you in advance.

To make the file system RW:

$ rpi-rw

then back to read-only when your done:

$ rpi-ro

Thank you