USB Restore - what is or is not restored?

Is there a summary of what is restored when you do a restore from USB ?

i.e. does it restore passwords that have were changed for each of the services, does it restore changes to mosquitto configs in /etc/mosquitto or other changes to other service configs.

I’m thinking about what I might need to do myself or what I need to document for someone else to do if they are updating to a newer distribution Image at sometime in the future.

It restores everything directly connected to emoncms & emonhub (depending what was installed).

If you have changed other services and their setups then that will not be migrated.

So just to clarify on an emonPi that would NOT include changes made to mosquitto and other services that are installed even though they were part of the build script ?

So for example if the mosquitto password had been changed on the original emonPi image, restore would leave a newly created emonPi image using the OEM default password configured in mosquitto but might attempt to use the changed version in emonhub.

Not understanding what you are getting at. Which Build Script? EmonScripts? The import assumes a standard build to import to (i.e. an image or one created by the standard EmonScript) so assumes default passwords for local MQTT broker, SQL database etc.

If you as a user changed the mosquitto password on the local Broker on the old system, you would need to maually change the password on the new system Broker before/after import as the new password would be brought across with the settings file.

The import makes no changes to other systems.

However, if your emoncms connects to a remote MQTT broker, that host/user/password combination would be brought across and just work.