USB Power advice

I’d almost finished writing out the most long winded post about not being able to get my new emonPi solar kit to boot. Tried everything, had the unit in pieces… nothing making sense, inconsistent problem solving results…

3 hours later, I double checked the power output of my USB port powering the pi… 0.7 amps.

Swapped it for a 2 amp… problems all solved.

So if you’re just starting out and cant get the emonpi to boot… make sure you’ve got a half decent USB charger powering the thing :slight_smile:

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The official Raspberry Pi power supply is rated at 2.5 A.

Also, beware some USB power supplies are not the best.
(It’s an old blog, but most likely still accurate.)

Yup emonPi needs at least 1.5A. It may work with 1A but I would not risk the potential instability.

To be safe, use the USB adaptor we sell in the shop of the official RasPi adaptor: Power Supplies - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor