Url rewriten from localhost/emoncms to just localhost/

I have installed Emoncms on a QNAP nas using the docker image.

When I go to the url I have configured eg:


it redirects me to http://mynas:1234/emoncms/feed/list

So far so good.

However, when I click on ‘inputs’ on the left it redirects me to:


Sometimes a link will hang when clicked, it it just never responds and the browser spins its wheels waiting for a response.

However, if I stop the browser and add the /emoncms/ part back into the url, the request responds immediately.

How are the redirects configured? Is there a docker environment variable that can be added to fix the url to be /emoncms/ for all links?

This also confused me as I could not initially get any inputs from an Iotawatt to work, I assumed the url the ioatawatt required did not include the /emoncms/ and the Iotawatt failed to upload.

once I realised that the actual url needed to includ emoncms then the Iotawatt has been uploading fine since.

However, the web browser getting stuck is not such a delightful experience so I would like to know if there is a fix.


So the performance issues seems to be linked to the lack of redis rather than url redirection in the apache server.

Previously I had emoncms configured without redis, it seemed to be optional and was there to save excessive writes to SD Cards.

Once I configured a redis server for use with my NAS, which has spinning disks, the performance issues seemed to go away.

So I dont think I need an answer to my original question.