Updating from an old version of emoncms. - 9 RC2 | 2015.09.15

I’m finally updating from a very old version 9 RC 2 - from 2015 (Yes yes I know).
Its been running on a Raspberry pi - emonBase (pi and emontx - and will remain like that but on a dedicated pi).

Whats the best way to migrate from the old version to the current release?
I’m building a new machine to take over the role of running emon. The old machine has other jobs it needs to keep doing.
I see the new version has a " Import from USB drive" option - which areas do I need to copy over?
does it include the mysql database?
How will it re-create the feeds and inputs etc?
Do i need to recreate my dashboards?
If I need to rename my feeds for the new apps is that possible “in-flight”?

If I want to re-process my feeds from the original log data is that possible? (i want to add a new feed from historic data)

Sorry for all the questions.

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I have a feeling the data format has changed (it did at one point) @TrystanLea can you suggest a way forward?

Gently walking through the load from usb script.
Seems the database definition has changed. the “time” column has gone from a date-time data type to int(10) - I’m going to guess and make the change to an epoch time.
this is on tables “feeds” and “input”

Actually looking at the data it looks like its just when the feed/input was last updated - set it to null, re-ran the migration script for the DB and its happy.

Ah. Looks like the phpfiwa data feed type has gone :’-(

You can enable PHPFiwa if you like by removing the entry from ‘hidden engines’ here emoncms/example.settings.ini at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub PHPFiwa is engine id: 6.

OK I’ll do that.
Is there a way to migrate from the fiwa to the fina feed data type?
I’m guessing you’ve disabled fiwa for a good reason.

I’d like to change some of the feeds - is there a way to re-process the original input to create new feeds?

Yes there is and its probably better to do so, as development has stopped on PHPFiwa. There is a script as part of the usefulscripts repository that can be used to convert PHPFiwa feeds to PHPFina here usefulscripts/phpfiwa_to_phpfina.php at master · emoncms/usefulscripts · GitHub

Change the settings.ini file else any future update may get blocked.

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For rebuilding feeds you might find the post processor module useful Emoncms Post Processor - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor You can use it to reprocess power feeds into kWh or kWh/d data among quite a few other things.

OK settings.ini updated.
copying data across as we speak - will then convert the data to fina datatype.

excellent about the postprocess - I’ll look at that.

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As a matter of interest, I was looking to merge 2 feeds. One has data from say Jan - June and the other from April to now. Looking to end up with the April to now including the data from Jan - April and then for that feed to be used.

Couldn’t quite get my head around the steps needed.

Here’s a quick example:

  1. Select mergefeeds process:
  2. Select the Jan-June feed for feedA
  3. Select the April-now feed for feedB
  4. Enter a name of a new feed to create that will hold the merged result
  5. Click create


This process averages the result of datapoints that overlap in both source feeds, which may be an unexpected result in the output…

And then do you point the current input process to that new feed?

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yes that’s it.

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