Updating EmonSD - is it necessary?

I have a Low Write copy of EmonHUB set up on a R-Pi, currently running 9.3.1. I put the SD card in RW mode and ran ‘git pull’ from the /home/pi/emonhub, but that didn’t update it. Even after a reboot, the web page still shows 9.3.1. I’m assuming the May pre-built image is newer than what I’m running - which is the other option - Image a new card with the may image and enter my emonhub.conf data into it and move on.

Considering that all it’s doing is taking the feeds from the OEM sensors and sending them to my EmonCMS server over Ethernet, is there really any reason it needs to be updated at all?

Unfortunately this doesn’t tell us what you are running, all SD card based images use “low-write” emoncms, but there is not a low-write emonhub. Are you using a prebuilt OEM image? or did you build it yourself?

9.3.1 is an emoncms version number so it will not change by updating emonhub via git, they are 2 different softwares that work together and are both included in OEM images including the current emonSD.

There has been very little change in either emonhub variant so it is a good question about updating, but it is always better to use the latest versions, not only are the OEM softwares updated but also the OS, if you are only using it to forward data it might be easier to just replace the image and edit emonhub.conf than update parts of your existing set-up.

Although, can you tell us the emonhub version using the command ~/emonhub/src/emonhub.py --version if it’s emonHub Pre-Release Development Version (rc1.2) as it is unclear which image you are using so you may be using the original emonhub rather than the “emonpi” variant, the original version is superior for posting to remote emoncms instances as you are, so it raises other questions about whether you should update.

You can find out what emonSD version your running by connecting via ssh then looking for the emonSD version file:

$ ls /boot | grep emonSD

The emonSD releases and changelog can be viewed here: https://https://github.com/openenergymonitor/emonpi/wiki/emonSD-pre-built-SD-card-Download-&-Change-Log

Assuming you’re running an emonSD, the best way to update emoncms is to run admin > emonpiupdate this will do a git pull on /var/www/emoncms and all the Emoncms module folders and perform any database updates.

Thanks guys. I guess I was using the wrong terminology for the Pi that is receiving the data.

According to Paul’s command, I’m running ‘emonHub ‘emon-pi’ variant v1.1’. I’m 98% sure it was a SD image.

I may be blind, but I don’t see an option for emonpiupdate under administration, and if I go to http://IPOfPi/emoncms/admin/emonpiupdate (not sure if that’s what you meant, but there is nothing under the Administration page of the web UI), I get ‘Admin Re-Authentication required’.

I’ll use the latest SD image to update since at this time, it seem like it’s probably going to be the easiest, and I don’t have a whole lot to change on a new load.

Try logging out of the web interface, then logging back in again, the missing part will likely reappear. Admin seems to disappear after a while