Updating do not unplug - how long for update?

Hi, our power got cut and on reboot the Emonpi has Updating… do not unplug on the LCD. Been like that for a hour… how long do updates take? Maybe a corrupt card due the power cut? If so what do I do? Any help appreciated :+1:


Can you SSH in?

Thanks for the reply Brian, ended up on that screen for 2 hours… decided it must be frozen or SD corrupt, wouldn’t reset so master reset… pulled the plug… booted up ok, back to updating for a few minutes and then all good, logging sweet data again! Big learning curve :+1:

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It is worth at least having a surge protector in place. Power cuts are not usually a problem, but they can be accompanied by power surges which can be fatal.

Was it logging data during that time?

Yes, was logging inputs froze. Good idea about the surge protector :+1:

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If it was logging, what do you mean by ‘inputs froze’? Do you mean the LCD? There is a suspicion it is something within the boot that causes that - never been found.

It was logging to tablet, the power at the time continued or froze, so 1300w constant for a couple of hours