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Update to emonSD-24Jul20, but the web document root has moved?


I’ve updated to the latest emonSD-24Jul20 using the load data from old SD card method.
All seems to have gone well (aside from moving Node Red, and some glitchy old inputs) and the system is all working as before. Good work chaps!

Just one issue outstanding, on the old version the EmonCMS web interface was at -


and now it’s at


This is a bit of a problem for me, as I run proxy/load balancer and I need EmomCMS web interface to be in a subfolder, so the load balancer can route data correctly.

I’ve tinkered with the Apache configs, but if it’s like Node Red, there needs to be a setting in EmonCMS somewhere to preface all of its URLs with /emoncms/ but I can’t find it.

In Node Red it’s -

// The following property can be used in place of 'httpAdminRoot' and 'httpNodeRoot',
// to apply the same root to both parts.
     httpRoot: '/nodered',

Any ideas? It’d be great to see the dashboard from work again! :grinning: