Update the controller over wifi


hi stuart i have tried to update the controller over wifi but everytime it goes upload rejected does this feature work yet? thanks

It works on my machine… :slight_smile:

However you are not the first to report this problem.

Its actually a documentation and release process problem - the file you need to upload is not the 4MB flash image.

Its actually the smaller image which is produced as part of the build process, but not yet included in the “release” ZIP file (if that makes sense).

For example, if you go here and download the " DIYBMS-Compiled" artifact.

Inside that ZIP file you will find…

and its that “divbms_controller_firmware_espressif32_esp32-devkitc.bin” file which is suitable for the over-the-network upgrade.

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Tried with Release-2023-03-17-10-43, it uploaded fine but failed to reboot with green and red flashing led.
Removed ESP and reflashed working again fine.
I was hoping to get the Set DIYBMS Current Monitor State Of Charge working. It does change the SOC but doesn’t set it to what I want using the original current monitor?
I’m also seeing an issue with storage: the controller gets the config from the sdcard but doesn’t seem to be able to save the updated config. It doesn’t seem to see the storage after it has loaded the config and rebooted.

Did it fix the SoC issue? (This requires the current shunt to be running the latest code as well)

Firmware date Mon Sep 06 2021 19:56:12 GMT+1000 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

I guess that’s why it doesn’t work completely. It does reset to 100%

Verified the firmware update works fine. cksum showed the file I was uploading was corrupt, somehow?
And the storage worked correctly on this 2nd controller too?

The release process, now includes the OTA file in the ZIP file it generates, so there are now two files one for a full flash using USB (which also includes the module firmware - for the AVR programmer function). The other for over-the-air (network), upgrade.