Update old installation

I would like to completely update my old installation on Raspberry Pi 2, still with Jessie OS.
In the documentation of the pre-built image it is indicated that it is compatible with Pi3 and 4, so I cannot use it with Pi 2?

If I wanted to write the feeds on USB stick to further preserve the SD, what is the best way: to use the symbolic links or modify the paths in the settings file? In this case can I avoid creating the ext2 partition?

sorry if I asked trivial questions, I’m not an expert :wink:

It should. Needs a small ‘fiddle’ but emoncms runs fine on my PiZero.

SD life is pretty good with the image so that isn’t an issue. Just remember to backup regularly!

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thanks for your answer

the use of the USB-stick is because I already have it and I also use it currently (with simlinks), the backup of the feeds is done regularly and automatically on the nas of my local network

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It does.
The “fiddle” Brian refers to is one line in one file. After you’ve flashed the image to your SD card, and because it’s designed for a 16 GB but I could get 32 GB cheaper, with it still in the laptop, I expanded the partition with GParted. Then you need to find the file
find the line(s)


(the second line might not be there - can’t remember) and replace with


and of course save the file, put the SD card into the Pi and you’re away.

I’m not an emonCMS/Pi expert, so if you want to keep your data and dashboards, Brian is probably best placed to help you.

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