Unused & Duplicate Inputs

Are there any disadvantages of deleting unused Inputs from emonCMS? And if not, is it best done within emonCMS itself, or by editing them out within emonhub?

Now that I have started to use MQTT on two emonTx/ESP8266s and an emonPi, I am seeing duplicated Inputs within emonCMS. Currently all Feeds are created on the back of the “native”(/html??) Inputs; would there be any problems shifting the Feeds to the MQTT “nodes” and then deleting the “native”(/html??) ones? Or will that cause unwanted disasters?


In general unused inputs make no difference so often best to leave alone.

You occasionally get spurious input nodes, RF noise, and they can just be deleted.

Duplicate ones (HTTP/MQTT) again, I’d just ignore and leave be.

Ain’t broke, don’t fix.

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