Unit of the values returned when we read feed data


I request some feed data from Emoncms using the following API url : [https://emoncms.org/feed/data.json?id=0&start=UNIXTIME_MILLISECONDS&end=UNIXTIME_MILLISECONDS&interval=10] (example of the documentation).

But there is no specified unit for the returned values in the documentation located in [Emoncms - site api] (“Returns feed data between start time and end time at the interval specified. If no data is present null values are returned.”)

The unit is not specified in the response data either.

For some similar requests the API documentation specify that the returned values are in kWh but it seems unrealistic for my request considering the returned values.

If anyone has an idea on the unit or on the way to have it would be really helpful.

Thank you for your help

Hello @jack and welcome!

Could you provide more information on the feed that you are requesting data from? What input processing did you use to create it?

You are correct that the unit is not returned as part of this API. It is available in the feed/list.json API but may not be specified for your feed as its an optional field that you often have to configure yourself.

using http://IP/feed/get.json?id=1&field=unit will give you the feed unit (if set)

My mistake - emoncms.org host