Undersanding the basics of domotics and energy montitoring

Hi folks,

only just getting my head into all this great stuff around domotics and energy management. I got a successful install of emonCMS logging my ESP8266 TH sensors in my house and getting some pretty graphs. Its allow me to better distribute my heating in my house (through manual regulations on radiators … not great but a good start). Its allowing me to understand which rooms are faster at losing heat and probably need some work on better insulation.

My ambitions for the future are however far greater and I want to start with the right foot. I know about OpenHab and Mosquito but I can’t really get a good tutorial that explain how best to integrate emonCMS+mosquitto+OpenHAB. Basically, the idea is that not only TH sensors but other sensors (smoke, CH4, intruder alarm) will all eventually make their way to OpenHab. What I can’t understand is where the data shoudl be logged without creating uncessary redundancy. Currently I only have emonCMS logging data (still can’t workout where the data actually is as the MySQL data doesn’t appear to be storing the data itself …) but I wonder if the data should be logged elsewhere and emonCMS just reading off another system? Maybe its because I don’t fully understand what all these components do …

In and ideal world I would want all my data nicely saved on a MySQL database but it seems like these systems don’t actually use MySQL for time series data storage … I’m assuming that’s because MySQL is not very efficient for time series data? (EDIT: just found this which I now need to digest … bear with me.)

I’m hoping i’m not going off topic but I suspect that understanding these fundamentals will avoid me wasting time implementing something that I will have to trash further down the line when I realise that it can’t do what I want it to do.



Not sure if will help, but I feed data from my weather station in emoncms via NODE-RED.


Cheers @JohnSchols, look interesting … there is so much stuff out there that its difficult to understand where to start … its a jungle :slight_smile: