Unable to connect to wifi

I installed emoncms on raspberry pi zero w following this guide. I was able to install without any problems. At the end of the installation after changing the password I could access the emoncms web page I registered and everything worked until I restarted the raspberry. since then i cant connect to wifi anymore. the raspberry now creates a network AP which i cannot connect to. i tried to create the wpa_supplicant.conf file again in the boot partition but nothing to do when i boot instead of connect to my router a network AP called emonpi is created but i cant connect, the password is emonpi2016 the I checked in the config files. I also tried to connect the raspberry to a monitor, start raspi-config and try to set the wifi from there, but it tells me that there is no wifi interface in the device… can anyone help me solve this problem?
I followed this step by step guide…

Yes there is an issue with the Wi-Fi module on the PiZ

When installing, edit the config file and set the install of the Wi-Fi module to false and it will work OK.

Hello, did you ever get this to work on the pi zero?

I have various emonbases, older emonpis, emontxs and emonths in plant rooms around the estate where I work. Great tools and have helped me a lot.
I recently was very pleased to get mbus readings working on a couple of heat meters. I have two pi zero ws that id like to deploy with USB mbus adapters to read heat meters on our biomass district heating system, but I just can’t seem to get emoncms installed properly.

I’ve tried the emonsd image, installing using the scripts following the instructions above, and editing the install config to exclude the WiFi module as suggested here and other posts. I always get some combination of DHCP errors, persistent AP mode, or it works on first boot and then not on subsequent restarts.

Can anyone give a definitive guide on getting emoncms installed and working on a pi zero, or even better, a working SD image that works out of the box? Larger pis are hard to come by, and getting multiple emonbases seems like overkill since I don’t need CT, RF or temp capabilities, just usb.

Any help gratefully received as I’ve spent many hours trying!

I missed this post. @glyn.hudson @TrystanLea this is still a problem Does this even work on a Raspberry Zero !? - #99 by borpin

I think I got it to work by setting the Wi-Fi credentials in the Raspberry Pi Imager when flashing the SD Card and not installing the Wi-Fi module when installing via emonScripts.

Thanks for the heads up, Im pretty sure this is fine on the Pi zero 2 w, but then that has different hardware from the earlier version.

I know @borpin got the basic install working on the earlier version in this thread Does this even work on a Raspberry Zero !? - #76 by alandpearson.

Sounds like manual configuration of WiFi is the only solution for now, can it just be done by editing /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf after flashing the SD card?

Yes, and do not install the Wi-Fi module. Whatever that module does seems to upset the base OS now.

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Ok thanks @borpin

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