Unable to connect to wifi

I installed emoncms on raspberry pi zero w following this guide. I was able to install without any problems. At the end of the installation after changing the password I could access the emoncms web page I registered and everything worked until I restarted the raspberry. since then i cant connect to wifi anymore. the raspberry now creates a network AP which i cannot connect to. i tried to create the wpa_supplicant.conf file again in the boot partition but nothing to do when i boot instead of connect to my router a network AP called emonpi is created but i cant connect, the password is emonpi2016 the I checked in the config files. I also tried to connect the raspberry to a monitor, start raspi-config and try to set the wifi from there, but it tells me that there is no wifi interface in the device… can anyone help me solve this problem?
I followed this step by step guide…

Yes there is an issue with the Wi-Fi module on the PiZ

When installing, edit the config file and set the install of the Wi-Fi module to false and it will work OK.