Unable to administer Emoncms since January 2024

Hi All,
My Emoncms is hosted on Amazon EC2, hint - if you use a “reserved instance” and a t2.nano it is about $AU5/month. We have 2 users with 3 IotaWatts/35 feeds logging to it.

My issue is I can no longer administer the instance. When I connect to the instance, all I can see is my default dashboard with only “Feeds” and “Graphs” available in the sidebar/menu. Logging back in/out makes no difference.

I have full admin on the server and mySQL still shows me as an admin in the users table. My logging is still running and the dashboards are updating but I can make zero changes

EmonCore Version is 11.4.6
PHP version is 8.0.3
MariaDB 10.3.39
Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS and patched

Any suggestions gratefully received


Hello @wt29 This usually happens if you delete the first user that you created on the system, which is usually the administrator.

You can make another user an administrator if you run the following SQL:

UPDATE users SET `admin`='1' WHERE `id`='1';

Change the id as required.

Hi Trystan, my user ID =1 is already an admin. I think that I’ve seen this before and the only solution I could figure out was a new instance with the replicate the data from from the failing one.