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Two OpenEVSE Setup

I just got a second OpenEVSE charger and am looking at the best way to set it up in my EmonPI so that I can record the EV usage per charger. The docs and everything seems to be done in a way that only one is supported

Hello @dgilmore if you change the emoncms node on the OpenEvse > services > energy monitoring tab to say openevse2 that should work, or the same for the base-topic for the MQTT option:

Not even sure you need to do that, by default the ESP ID is appended to the node, so should be unique per unit by default.

When setting it up the node area was blank so I put openevse2 in there. both units are now reporting in. I just need to set up the second unit in home-assistant and upgrade my first unit to be able to charge at 48amps. thanks.