Too many mqtt messages going to openhab

Hi guys,

How do you slow down the mqtt messages to openhab?



What messages are you sending? If it is power data, then they will be sent every time a reading comes in.

Hey fella,
Its just my power1 input. Openhab is reading it every second or every change, I thought that maybe I could slow down how many times it’s sent/read?

So an MQTT message will be sent every time the input is processed - i.e. the rate you set initially, usually 10s. The MQTT broker will then advertise to those clients subscribed to that topic, that there is a new value.

If you subscribe from another client, you will be able to see how often a new value is posted. the only way of reducing that is to reduce the rate in the input process.

You need to delete the feed and start again I believe to do that.

That makes sense. I was looking at Mqtt to see if I needed to add something to it to slow it’s messages down.


On the emonPi the default update rate is 5s to MQTT. OpenHAB can handle this just fine. If you do need to slow it down you could use a rate limiter in NodeRED to re-publish the value to a new topic then subscribe to this topic in openhab.

Thanks Glyn.