Time logging On/Off conditions

I would like to be able to log in time how long a condition is on (1 rather than 0), so that I can work out how many many hours per day, week, month etc. Ideally I would like to be able to do this at both Graph level and a separate display level. Thanks

You could try using the power to kWhr input processor. , Multiply your ‘1’ by your logging interval, and then use the input processor to create a feed of the cumulative time. (Another factor of 1000 will be required to account for the cumulative feed being in kWhr rather than Whr)
The graph function can then display the daily totals (or other intervals). You could then include the graph on your display.

As I posted in your previous thread before I saw this one, the Input on-time process will count how many seconds a feed has been “on” per day.

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