Thanks everyone in Advance (Battery Charging/Discharging Feed Problem)

Hy Everyone,
I am new to and just installed emoncms on my linode server and running my emoncms smoothly with ICC software and Raspberry pi and my hardware is Infini 10kw Hybrid Solary Inverter, I need help to calculate how much watts or kw consumed and used by batteries realtime, daily and monthly.
I Hope somebody will must help me on my 1st post

Regards & Thanks

A belated welcome, @Tiberiun, to the OEM forum.

I’m sorry nobody has noticed your post. I’m not at all familiar with emonCMS, so I can’t help you directly. However, there have been a few posts recently about battery systems, so maybe another search or a look at recent posts will help? If you get nowhere, post again.

Hi @Tiberiun. I am still a newbie with all of this, but I also have a storage battery.

To measure flow IN and OUT of the battery I have the following processes on the CT on the wire going to the battery. You may need to turn the CT around if the values don’t look right, alternatively change the #9 step to positive.

Does that make sense? Obviously you can call the Feeds whatever you like! You can then display the values in a graph or however you want.