Temperature and flow sensors to measure heat


First time poster here, and trying to get to grips with the equipment requirements. I have done a bit of reading, but thought to post to check I have things right. I will start at the start, to keep things simple!

I would like to measure 4 temperatures and 2 flow rates using a wired connection, with the potential for additional cables as the instruments may end up quite far apart.

Could someone please help me get started here? Any advise would be most appreciated!

Kind regards,


Hello @JamesF the heatpump monitor or resources associated with that project may help you do what your looking to achieve: GitHub - openenergymonitor/HeatpumpMonitor: Open-source Heatpump Monitor
There are examples of how to interface with a MBUS heatmeter (includes flow measurement) or/and a voltage output flow meter such as the VFS sensors.

Thanks for the pointer @TrystanLea, I will let you know how things go!