Temp Sensor Serial Direct connection to emoncms

I would like to connect a DS18B20 temp sensor by Serial Direct connection directly to a Raspberry Pi running emoncms.
The emonhub.conf file would contain the EmonHubSerialInterfacer.
Any suggestions or pointers?
Thank you

Hi John,

There are many articles, tutorials, etc on how to do that. A Google search turns up lots of them.

Here’s an example of how to connect the hardware:

That said, the connection isn’t - as the term is used here - Serial Direct, but rather to one of the GPIO pins on a Pi. While the data flow is indeed serial, the term Serial Direct as applied to OEM is generally understood to mean a serial connection via the UART, i.e the comm port.

This thread: Reading DS18B20 temperature sensors with a RFM69PI?
Should help with the software.

There are other threads that cover the use of the DS18B20 with emonCMS.
A forum search for DS18B20 should help you find the info you need.