Telegram Notifications/Plugin

Hello guys, first time user of emonPi here. What would be the easiest way to receive notifications from my emonPi when it detects passing certain threshold in the power feed during a particular time?

I was wondering if it is possible to integrate a Telegram Bot, so notifications can be sent even my emonPi/emonCMS is only available through my local network.

I have been using Telegram notifications for my 3D printer (Octoprint with Telegram Plugin), so I am also interested seeing this implemented with emonCMS

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Really interesting. I see there is a a PHP, Python and a node-red implementation to interact with Telegram. I suspect the PHP API could fairly easily be integrated. In the short term, how about sending the data to node-red and handling the decision making and then the Telegram notification from there?

:+1: on the vote for Node-Red. I use a similar set up for notifications via PushOver. You could also possibly do something with the comparison input processors, sending a specific message to a MQTT feed (or sending an email) when your input goes over a certain value. I like keeping most of my logic outside of emoncms, though, with Node-Red and other tools winding up as better brains for my emoncms data.

Thanks guys for pointing me to the right direction :slight_smile: I will now try to learn node RED, I just thought there might be a simpler way to receive notifications.

Can I also use node RED to make an image capture of a plot (like the ones from My Electric App)? The notifications would be better if I include some image :slight_smile:

Did you get this working, also doing some flows in Node-Red on which if some thresholds are met I want to do a as close as possible immediate notification.



Iā€™m looking for a notifications system too, using email or telegram. @jctots, did you get this working?

ā€¦ never really tried, had enough other things to do.


Ok thanks

In any case, is possible to program notifications (email, for example) in some cases (power bigger than x, etc)?

I suspect this is not a feature that would be added. Use Node-Red as it has quite good Telegram support.

Ok thanks