Tasmota on ESP8266 NodeMCU feeds to emoncms.org

I have no experience with Tasmota, so I have to ask this question:

Is it possible to use an ESP8266 NodeMCU flashed with Tasmota to send sensor data to emoncms.org, ie the publicly available emoncms.

I can’t see that you can set up an api key in tasmota, but maybe I’ve overlooked something.

What I want is to send temperature data from the cottage without a local emoncms at the location. To keep installation simple.

I process my Tasmota data through Node-Red and format it for EmonCMS. I have used the Node-Red node to send it to a local emoncms and I expect it should work with emoncms.org.


[{"id":"54d58d24.8713d4","type":"function","z":"c7cc9aa6.5f09f8","name":"Parse for Emoncms input","func":"var newmsg ={};\n\n//Remember to add timezone to date-time string\nvar newDateObj = new Date(msg.payload.Time);\n\ntimeObject = new Date(newDateObj.getTime());\n\ntimeObject = timeObject.getTime()/1000;\n\nnewmsg.time = timeObject;\n\nnewmsg.payload = msg.payload.MHZ19B.CarbonDioxide;\n\nreturn newmsg;","outputs":1,"noerr":0,"x":561,"y":227,"wires":[["ab6bb464.b194a8"]]}]